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Seeking to further strengthen their operational foundations, Harrison & Hetherington appoint David Carruthers as Facilities Manager, in a newly created role.

Harrison & Hetherington, one of the UK’s leading livestock trading companies, has today announced the appointment of David Carruthers into a newly created Facilities Manager role. This strategic move for the company aims to guarantee a safe and efficient level of service for both staff and customers, and further build on current operations. Working primarily from the Harrison & Hetherington Borderway Site, David will monitor daily operations and multi-disciplinary teams of staff to help develop key skills and performance.

With a wealth of experience across Operations and Compliance Management roles, David will be responsible for maintaining current knowledge of Health & Safety practices, and ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation across the company. With a keen eye for detail and a track record of operational excellence, David has acquired an extensive understanding of what is needed to successfully oversee and facilitate staff development.

Speaking about his new role, David said: “Harrison & Hetherington is a highly respected organisation within the industry, and I am really looking forward to getting my teeth stuck in and helping to continue their success from an operational level. To do so, within my new role I will strive to carry on ensuring all staff functioning and facilities are up to spec, meeting the current legislative standards.

“Moving forward, I will also be looking to identify potential new measures and best practices from an environmental and sustainable perspective. If Harrison & Hetherington is to remain at the forefront of its industry, looking into ways our carbon footprint can be further reduced will be so important. I am really excited to play a part in helping make sure we remain fit for future.”

The creation of this new position by Harrison & Hetherington indicates the company’s intention to continue maintaining their very high standards of operations for which it is renowned.  In order to first develop a comprehensive understanding of Harrison & Hetherington and its operations across sites, over the next few months David will work very closely with David Pritchard, a former Managing Director of the company.

Responding to David’s appointment, Scott Donaldson, Managing Director of Harrison & Hetherington, said: “David has a wealth of experience which will meet the demands of this challenging new position, and we are absolutely delighted to welcome him to the team. The enthusiasm and determination he has demonstrated so far will stand him in great stead, and I look forward very much to seeing how he can continue building on our strong operational foundations.

“This new Facilities Manager role was created at a time when we are seeking to continue driving our business presence and performance. David’s appointment really will be integral to Harrison & Hetherington’s future growth, not only to solidify our place in the market, but additionally to make sure we can guarantee up to date awareness of safety practices within this new COVID-19 context.”

Operating nine auction marts across the north of England and Scottish Borders and hosting regular digital sales, Harrison & Hetherington is at the core of H&H Group PLC’s Agri-business operations. The head office and main livestock centre in Borderway Auction Mart, Carlisle, is one of the largest mart sites in the UK, and their farmstock business is highly respected by pedigree and commercial farmers both nationally and internationally. In addition to livestock trading, the company conducts regular live and timed digital auctions of agricultural machinery, tractors and farm equipment.

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