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Understanding the Probate Process and Why Auction Works 

Handling the estate of a loved one who has passed away is often a sensitive issue at a difficult time. Following a bereavement we are here to give you full support and we are here to offer you the best advice.

At NALC’s Dedicated Probate department working in conjunction with our auctions team. Our probate service is designed to sensitively support our clients through the legal and practical matters after bereavement. We can help alleviate the stress associated with settling affairs of the estate and assist with the distribution of the financial provisions to the beneficiaries.

Our Services include: 

  • Valuation advice through to sale of the property, property clearance and immediate repairs if required.
  • Ensuring the disposal of any assets is as simple and pain free as possible can make all the difference. We often sell the property of those that have passed away on behalf of their family at our auctions.

Probate is the term used to describe the legal process of proving and registering the last Will of someone who has died. This is often done by a family member, friend or partner. A ‚certificate of probate‚ must be obtained before any assets, including property, can be distributed in accordance with the Will. It is usually the executor of the estate who will administer the estate and handle the disposal of their assets and payments of debts if necessary.


However is important to realise that the need for the above be in place does not mean NALC cant help. The sooner we are instructed the better. We can often begin the process with and on behalf of the family. So that matters can be settled as quickly and effectively as possible.

Most importantly  ONE TO ONE CONTACT

During the process you will never be left in the dark. Communication with the client/family is paramount. You will be given your own personal probate contact to aid you at all times, through what is such a difficult time for us all.