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Date: 17 March 2021

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Harrison and Hetherington held their fortnightly Sale of Store Cattle which included the Young Farmer Overwintering Competition.

The Border Federation saw a tremendous show with all calves presented in full bloom.  Taking charge of this years judging was Mr W.Hamilton, Bee Edge who made an excellent job awarding the champion animal to Zoe Hall, Horsley Hill with a fantastic Limousin.x Heifer making £2300.

Young Farmer Show of Overwintered Cattle.  Champion - Zoe Hall, Horsley Hill

Taking the Reserve Championship was Mr R.Briggs with a Charolais.x Bullock raising £1750.

Outwith the Young Farmers, trade was fantastic throughout with a top of £1350 from Messrs Fleming, The Trows with a Simmental.x Bullock.

Pence per kilo was topped by Messrs Connon, Greenknowe with a pen of Charolais.x Bullocks at 307p per kilo

Show Results

Class 1 - Bullock
1st           Ryan Briggs, Jedburgh      Reserve        415 kgs                 £1750
2nd          A.Dixon, Whitsome West Newton            380 kgs                 £1020
3rd           A.Runciman, Huntington                         395 kgs                 £1070

Class 2 - Heifer
1st           Zoe Hall, Horsley Hill       Champion           495 kgs                 £2300
2nd          W.Wardrop, Harden Mains                         425 kgs                 £1100
3rd           C.Raymond, Huntington                             440 kgs                 £1150

Bullocks per head

Aberdeen Angus: £890, £880 Gateshaw, Limousin: £1190 Crookhouse, £1130 Berryhill, The Lee, £1070 Huntington (A.Runciman), £1060 Whitsome West Newton (A.Gaston), £1050 The Lee, Simmental: £1350 Trows, £1200 Mossilee, £1180 Trows, £1100 Mossilee, Blonde: £1280, £1230, £1180 Outerston, Saler: £1020, £890 Gateshaw, Charolais: £1750 Ryan Briggs, Jedburgh, £1240 Smailholm Mains (S.Shaw), £1180 Millheugh (E.McNeill), £1130 Mossilee

Bullocks per kilo

Aberdeen Angus: 253p, 244.4p, 243.8p Gateshaw, Limousin: 286.5p Whitsome West Newton, 270.9p Huntington (A.Runciman), 268.4p Whitsome West Newton, 263p Wester Dawyck, Simmental: 252.6p, 247.2p Mossilee, Blonde: 246p Outerston, Saler: 291.4p Gateshaw, 285.1p Houdshall Cottage, 265.7p Gateshaw, Charolais: 421.7p Ryan Briggs, Jedburgh, 307p, 300p Greenknowe, 295.8p, 291.4p Gateshaw, 273.1p Hadden Mains (K.Paxton), 269.8p Stobshiel Mains, 265.2p Millheugh (E.McNeill)

Bullocks averaged 258.97p per kilo

Heifers per head

Aberdeen Angus: £1260 Huntington (E.Runciman), £1140 Huntington (S.Fairbairn), Limousin: £2300 Horsley Hill (Zoe Hall), £1100 Harden Mains (W.Wardrop), £1000 Easter Dawyck, British Blue: £1135 The Lee, Charolais: £1200 Bluecairn (A.Weir), £1150 Huntington (C.Raymond), £1075 Mossilee, £1045 Stobshiel Mains, £990, £955 Greenknowe

Heifers per kilo

Aberdeen Angus:  244.7p Huntington (E.Runciman), 243p Huntington (S.Fairbairn), Limousin: 464.6p Horsley Hill (Zoe Hall), 258.8p Harden Mains (W.Wardrop), 256.4p, 248.7p Easter Dawyck, Saler: 265.9p Houdshall Cottage, Charolais: 276.8p Greenknowe, 267.2p Stobshiel Mains, 265.7p Gateshaw, 261.4p Huntington (C.Raymond), 254.1p, 253.8p Greenknowe, 250p Mossilee

Heifers averaged 252.04p per kilo

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