Email Policy


Emails from “” are sent for and on behalf of: “NALC Auctions Ltd”.


All Lots are sold under Auction Terms & Conditions


This e-mail and the information it contains are confidential and may be privileged. If you have received this e-mail in error please notify us immediately. You should not copy it for any purpose, or disclose its contents to any other person.


We may record events, meetings or calls for professional, business and regulatory purposes.


NALC Auctions Ltd is a limited company registered in England and Wales. Registered Number: 12789489. Registered Office: Aura Business Centre, Manners Road, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG24 1BS


Data conveyed by e-mail could be deliberately or accidentally intercepted or corrupted. NALC Auctions Ltd does not accept any responsibility for any changes or breaches of confidence, which may arise through the use of this medium. The content of e-mails sent and received by company employees may be intercepted or monitored by the company. It is the responsibility of the recipient to ensure that this e-mail has not been tampered with, and any attachments are virus-free. Whilst we make every effort to ensure that this e-mail is free from viruses, this cannot be guaranteed. We recommend that you scan all e-mail for viruses with appropriate and frequently updated virus checking software.


For payments to us:

Before transferring any money to us electronically, please call our support team at NALC Auctions Ltd on the telephone number you regularly use to verify that you have the correct bank account details. We will never notify you of a change to our bank details by email. If you receive such an email purporting to advise of a change of account details, do not make any payment to the account stated. Please speak to us immediately.


For payments to you:

If you wish to notify us of a change to your bank details to those originally provided, please note that we will not accept this information by email without additional documentation and/or confirmation being provided by you. This may involve us calling you to verify the same.


Cyber Crime Notice

You may be aware from the Press that email scams are becoming more prevalent and, despite security measures being in place, emails can be hacked and the contents altered. NALC Auctions Ltd takes the security of our systems and data extremely seriously, however it is possible for determined fraudsters to attempt to impersonate an email from any organisation. If you receive an email or telephone call advising that the NALC Auctions Ltd bank account details have changed, do not send any money to this new account. We would never change our bank account and if we ever do so, the change will not be notified by email or telephone call. NALC Auctions Ltd cannot accept responsibility for money sent by you to an incorrect account.