Community fundraising is a fantastic way to rally neighbors and friends to support the causes we believe passionately in.

At NALC Group we believe above all that people deal with people ; and we have a vision to grow our network to not just dozens of staff – but hundreds. In turn to grow our network of buyers and sellers to not just thousands but hundreds of thousands.

Our team have a field of dreams which we will achieve. To use the famous line. Build it and they will come.

It is our intention as a group to use our vision to help every local community which we are a part of.

It can sometimes be hard to fund community projects without the help of large grants. However Our Property, Livestock and Chattels auctions fully intend to do this. Beginning with rolling out our very own Laptop’s For Schools Program in Newark and The Nottinghamshire Area and London and The South East.

Crowdfunding can also provide a simple and effective way to raise the money you need. Brainstorming fundraising goals together and create an ongoing fundraiser to best meet everyone’s needs is always possible. We just need to join together to achieve it!!

We will in the coming weeks be starting fund raising for our first goals. Our first small steps. So if your interested in supporting. Or you have a local project which you feel deserves and needs our support.

Please email us to or to have a chat.