The entire reason for the creation and inception of NALC GROUP can be described in four guiding principles and beliefs.

Number 1

Auction is Everything

Number 1

Agriculture and the support of UK Agriculture

Definitely Number 1   Property, Property, Property

We Should always be number 1   To Support and help everyone – Try to learn every day.

Lush green fields full of top quality cattle, fluffy sheep across the rolling hills and the hum of tractors working the land.

The UK farming industry may conjure up delightful ‘green and pleasant land’ imagery, but the reality is what we are all trying to achieve is an economic powerhouse, either for our family, for our business, for the future or even just for our vision. We are responsible for our own and in some small part for the UK’s trade success in this competitive global market.

Farming and agriculture are industries synonymous with the UK and have been for thousands of years. As our population increases, so does demand.

The need to feed a growing population through the more sophisticated production of crops and animal products has shaped our landscape from the time the Romans arrived in 55BC.

By the 18th century, increased agricultural production could be related to three main factors:

The perfection of the process from – horse-drawn seed press, making farming less labour intensive and more productive.

During the Second World War, farming again underwent a huge upheaval, with the government forced to control much of what was grown and distributed in order to ensure maximum productivity from the land. With a hungry population and the inability to mass import, the UK relied on farming more than ever during the war years..

Following that came the modernisation of machinery and more effective production.

The types of farming in the UK can be broadly separated into three key areas:

Arable farming – crops (wheat and barley)

Livestock farming – raising animals (cows and sheep)

Mixed farming is both arable and pastoral

According to Countryside Online, British farming provides 61% of the food eaten in the UK with 66% of all farm businesses in England also running other enterprises such as farm shops, wedding venues and B&Bs. This generated an income of £680 million in 2017/18 to the UK economy.

Today, farming and agriculture is worth a whopping £120 billion to the UK economy, employing over four million people. With 220,000 farm businesses spread across the nation plus many thousands of ancillary connected businesses, farming offers a greater contribution to the UK


For farmers in the UK, accessing and maintaining the right replacements (Livestock Equipment or parts) machinery and vehicles is overwhelmingly costly, eating into capital that may need to be spent on more livestock, feed or other expenditure. The importance of agricultural cashflow though the availability of varied Agriculture, livestock and deadstock auction services is vital; giving farmers the funding necessary to purchase new inputs, cover land costs and market products.

NALC wishes and has a vision to contribute to the success of our thriving rural communities, providing steady jobs and income to hundreds of people across the UK in 2022 and beyond.

Economics aside, farming is a huge part of our national identity; Our international visitors cannot be overlooked. With the countryside providing recreational and learning opportunities for us all.

With these high standards in place, it’s clear that we in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales are on a national and international stage,

The reason our business is on the up isn’t purely because of the quantity but the assured quality We at NALC can offer in comparison to our competition.

So, What’s Next.

Please take a look though our Agricultural pages for exciting weekly news and our upcoming events. Including Market and sale reports from across our industry,

It is our aim to support farmers and growers to become more profitable and productive and receive the best prices for their produce through improving market conditions and making the supply chain fairer.

Support innovation in auctions livestock markets and wider agriculture while also contributing to the thriving rural economy and farming sector.”

Important notices pre-registration

Please note that charges and fees additional to the sale price might be payable by the successful buyer in respect of the lot please read the information contained below and check the special conditions of sale plus the particulars of sale and any addendum for the lot before deciding whether or not to bid.

Pre-registration approval to bid

All bidders who wish to bid need to register beforehand all checks required by current money laundering regulations must be satisfactorily completed as part of the process prior to NALC Auctions approving you to bid at our Auctions please use the links upon our website in order to fill in your pre-registration forms (hyperlink).

Guide prices

  1. Where a guide price or range of prices is given that guide price is the minimum price at which or range of prices within which the seller might be prepared to sell at on the date on which the guide price is published upon this website. The guide price will normally be at or above the reserve price. The guide price may be subject to change at any time up to and including the day of the auction the latest publish guide price or range of prices is displayed on our website and you are advised to check the website regularly for any updates alternatively you can of course call the office and speak to a member of our team on 01636 558200 for an update on the status of any particular property which you may be interested in.
  2. All guide prices are always quoted subject to the auction contract.
  3. Please note the guide price in the lot does not include any buyers fee charged by the auctioneers and the VAT on the sale price, any stamp duty land tax or any other taxes or additional fees which may be payable
  4. Additional costs and fees charged by the seller or third parties that might apply to some lots and also some buyers’ fees are not included within the guide price.
  5. if a guide price is listed to be advised that’s TBA it means no guide price has yet been set, should you be interested in this particular property please do not hesitate to call the office on 01636 558200 and the members of staff in the office will endeavour to give you the most up-to-date information.

Reserve prices

6.The reserve price is the minimum price at which the vendor is prepared to sell the lot. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the advertised guide prices are up to date it is possible that the reserve price set for any lot may exceed the previously quoted guide price this is because our sellers do not fix their final reserve until just before the lot is offered for sale at the auction itself.

Buyers and sellers’ fees and additional charges

  1. For each lot a buyer’s fee is payable on the fall of the Hammer.
  2. NALC Auctions Ltd charge the following amounts for a residential auction. A buyers premium is chargeable in all cases subject to a minimum of £3600 plus vat in addition All lots £650 plus the VAT. In addition to the contract documentation charge. In most cases the buyer will be expected to Pay the Auctioneers Buyers Premium at the fall of hammer
  3. For our chattels and machinery and equipment auctions a minimum of 10% buyer’s premium on the hammer price will be charged.
  4. Sellers fees and additional charges might be charged by the seller and all other parties. You are strongly advised to read the special conditions of sale for the lot prior to bidding and check any additional charges and fees and to check the addendum. The addendum may but does not always contain details of any such amounts.
  5. Some lots (commercial property) VAT may be chargeable in addition to the sale price of the lot. The lot particulars and all the special conditions will explain whether VAT is chargeable or not.
  6. Other matters. Please note that lots may be sold or withdrawn at any time prior to the auction.
  7. Please note that the amount of security (deposit payable) per lot is variable and must be agreed with the auction department prior to bidding please refer to the addendum and the particulars and conditions of sale which will normally state the guide price and required deposit or bigger security deposit. The required deposit will normally be 10% plus any buyer’s premium
  8. Plans are reproduced with the consent of promap and ordnance Survey and are licensed by HM stationery office
  9. Plans and photographs shown in the catalogue and on this website are included in order to assist you in locating the lot in question. They are not necessarily drawn to scale and any arrows on plans or photographs are merely there to assist you in finding the lot itself and not for the purposes of indicating the legal boundary; especially when referring to Land Registry plans.

In this regard the auctioneers cannot guarantee that any plans or photographs showing up-to-date position with regard to boundaries or occupiers either of the lot or for the property shown in such plans or photographs.

Registered with HMRC for supervision under the Money Laundering Regulations. Reg No:XQML00000159968