NALC Auctions is an independent Property Auctioneering, Investment Advisory and Consultancy Company. Specializing in all types of auctions. With over 25 years’ experience in Auctioneering, land and Estate agency.


We take a market leading direct to client approach unrivalled by any other Auctioneers, and are one of the most successful property auction houses in the UK.


We offer a wide range of services including every type of asset auction. Market appraisals , valuation and investment consultancy advice across a broad range of commercial and residential services. We know, we have the skills, the experience and the drive to maximise the true open market value for our clients in any given market or market conditions. We like to do business in a way that achieves a benefit to All.


Our vision is to change the world for the better. In each sector of the market that we work in. And for all who work alongside us. Whether you are, family, an investor, vendor (seller) service provider, shareholder, member of our team or a buyer, buyer , buyer !!!


In our position as property advisors, who first started working in markets of all kinds in 1965. Our experience is far reaching including , England, Wales, Scotland, New York, Ireland  Europe, and the Middle East.


We work with Private individuals, corporate businesses, asset managers, institutional and local authority clients. Together with joint agents of all kinds. Those who are seeking to sell , acquire, develop or maximise and realise the value of residential and commercial property and all types of saleable assets. In the world's key locations.


The key Sectors we cover include: Auctions, Probate sales, Insolvency and repossession sales and support. Education, Estates, land, development, Food & Farming and Livestock, Leisure, Marine and all types of vehicles, mixed use properties and Investments.


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