If you have spent a little time on our website; You will know by now that NALC Group has a five-part vision for the future.

This includes:

combine harvester

That future encompasses Newark-on-Trent, National UK wide Auction facilities for all types auction and much more as you can see.

We believe every day, we must Try, try, try, again. One of the biggest parts of this focus is our ability to help others and provide services and solutions for others while we undertake that Journey. 

All each one of us can ever do is go forward; and in doing so it is important to help others when we can. At NALC we are firmly focused with the sole intention of future development and growth and understanding of auctions.  We believe in driving towards greater success. It is however important to realise that within that continual drive to greater success comes the importance of remembering our past.

The management team at NALC are blessed to have experienced much in our past from some of the greatest successes in the agricultural world, all the way to trauma and tragedy much like many families across the globe.

live stock

SO…. The focus of our “AADS” Scheme initiative” which will begin in 2022. Is to consider everyone.

There are 212,000 farm holdings in the UK according to widely available data and some 109,000 employed or self-employed farmers according to the latest figures in 2020.

More importantly UK agriculture generates 61% of the raw materials for the wider UK agri-food industry which is worth around £108 Billion of GVA to the national economy and provides over 3.7 million associated jobs.

In addition, according to Google the agri-food sector as a whole generates around £18 Billion of gross export earnings for the UK each year.

Those from within the agriculture and auction industries are amazing innovative people and we at NALC Group believe that more support needs to be provided for them.

It goes without saying that farmers, breeders, growers and auctioneers and all those that form part of the macro economy do not wish to depend on the government of the day. Sometimes we just need support for our ideas. 

After all that is why we started NALC Auctions Group.

So beginning in January 2022 NALC will be rolling out our hopes to bring everyone together.

In doing so by June of 2022 our application process will start. We will in short be looking for Agriculture and or Auction related businesses that have a development idea which is in need of support. Though our application process and by bringing all of those 250,000 businesses together we hope that by December 2022. NALC will be able to award development grants to the four most successful ideas of up to £1,000,000 of funding / start up support.

Watch this space for further details !!!