Estate Agents vs Auction Houses? No. Estate Agents With Auction Houses? That’s more like it.

You may never have heard of us, and that’s fine, but we’ve been headquartered in this town of Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire for a long time and been in the property industry for a fair few years, working in differing economic upturns, downturns, sideturns whatever else turns over decades.

Gone are the days of old when competitors butt heads and clamber for their share of the market, dragging one down to boost yourself up. Now in the modern world businesses are always searching for third parties, to unifying their skillset and broaden their horizons. With the internet widening the landscape of potential new customers, it’s more important than ever for unification and partnerships. And now during times of economic hardship, there are advantages to be seized.

Look…as estate agents know, selling a property through private treaty can leave the process vulnerable to a myriad of variables and issues, regardless of economics. Sellers can withdraw. Buyers and chains can fall through. Mortgage offers can expire or be pulled. I don’t need to tell you the rest. Investors are looking for investments wherever they can and they usually turn to auctions…and this is where you can think about your audience.

Economics, economics, economics yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s always going to play a part but regardless, we know that properties will get swept up in a second…well…28 days to be exact at auction. 28 days for completion of sale; it’s by far the quickest way of purchasing property and that’s what draws investors in. Not just locally, but regionally and the rest of UK, even internationally thanks to online auctions.

During this economic climate, everyone is looking for security. On average, only 1% of all sales through auction fall through. Compare that to the first ten weeks of 2022 alone, which saw 55,856 sales fail to complete. Having the security of knowing that the sale won’t fall through is a huge advantage auctions have over private treaty sales.

The online world is where you’ll find the bulk of your customers and it’s all about creative advertising. About increasing your market share by standing out from the norm and doing something different. Nowadays, and especially in the current economic climate, auction houses are becoming more popular, and widening their scope and presence with the general audience.


NALC’S Thoughts

It’s quite simple. The very nature and style of private treaty sales can create hurdles and sticking points for everyone involved. The process can become slow, laboured, and bottlenecked by sticking points that can inevitably jeopardise the security of the sale. There is an option to turn to that can simplify the process with efficiency and results. One that offers transparency, speed and a lucrative conclusion making everyone happy, oh and er... security.


We all know advertising sells and that’s how we approach marketing your properties. It helps that we have an in-house advertising agency team who know how to entice an audience with creative ads and even more creative headlines. It all boils down to having more eyes on your property, more registered bidders, more competitive bids and that all important reserve being hit and exceeded.


Auctions. Well you already know the advantages of selling at auction but have you thought how they can complement your business?


Partnering with auctions namely us NALC Auctions can smooth out the rough edges of the buying process thanks to the very nature of auctions themselves. They can be the Ying to your Yang. Where one falls short, the other rises, lifting all parties. Creating an efficient and seamless process for the buyer and seller.